For students who are speech and/or hearing impaired

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For the study of speech pathology and/or hearing rehabilitation

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   In response, the Binghamton Sertoma Club awards college scholarships to high school students who live in the Greater Binghamton area, who are either speech and/or hearing impaired, or who plan to enter the fields of speech pathology and/or hearing rehabilitation.

   The complete scholarship applications, including instructions and requirements can be obtained clicking the links below.

Student Scholarships

   For over 75 years, May has been declared "Better Speech and Hearing" Month, in order to raise awareness and understanding of the various impairments that are especially challenging to the young, elderly, disabled and poor members of our society.

   Helen Keller once noted that, of all her impairments, her lack of speech and hearing was most troubling.  She elaborated, that while blindness separated her from things, her lack of speech and hearing separated her from people.