As its central mission, the Binghamton Sertoma Club seeks to support speech and hearing programs, increase services for people with communication disorders, and support other worldly, compelling causes - in particular, youth development.

The Million Dollar Antique Show

Speech and Hearing

   The over-arching cause for which Sertoma International is dedicated is the, "Connection of those who are called to serve with those who can't hear the call."  The Binghamton Sertoma Club fulfills this mission by financially supporting the efforts of the UHS-Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Departments, where services are provided to individuals from infancy through geriatrics. 

   Each year in April, the Binghamton Sertoma Club produces the "Million Dollar Antique Show," the largest event of its kind in the Southern Tier region of New York, where thousands of shoppers enjoy a vast array of art, furniture, collectables and jewelry, exhibited by dealers from across the country.  This much anticipated event is also a major fundraiser that makes all the good work that the Club supports possible.  New dealers and sponsors are always welcome.

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Board of Directors

   In 1956, members of the Binghamton Sertoma Club purchased 25 rural acres in nearby Kirkwood, New York, to establish a summer camp for children.  Today, it has grown to 110 acres, on which sit a variety of rustic stables, bunkhouses, classrooms, a dining hall, boating pond and swimming pool - all serving a record number of campers from all walks of life, and all under the auspices of the Binghamton Boys and Girls Club.  The Binghamton Sertoma Club continues to play an important role in the Camp by helping to maintain and improve its facilities and programs with financial support.

Camp Sertoma

   Chartered in 1928, the Binghamton Sertoma Club is one of hundreds of local clubs across the United States, Canada and Mexico that make up Sertoma International.

   Sertoma stands for SERvice TOMAnkind, and the belief that universal communication, whether heard, seen or spoken, is the key to human understanding.

   The Binghamton Sertoma Club has a long history of community service and civic responsibility, and its members share a deep belief in their obligation and ability to make a positive difference in their community's wellness.

Who We Are